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Thank you so much 

November 27, 2022

Thank you so much to Family  Van Lawick and to anonime donor for these marvelous donations to APCA Foundation

Gabriele Petrone introduces APCA

November 14, 2022 


July 4, 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a great honor to introduce to you, our new organization, Anti-Poaching Conservation Academy (APCA) which was registered on 5th October, 2021. Our mandate is tied geared towards achievement of goal 15 of the Sustainable Development Goals which calls for urgent and significant action in protecting natural habitats and halting loss of natural diversity and protecting and preventing extinction of threatened species. We are thus set to supplement the government’s efforts in protection of fauna and conservation of wildlife and its eco-system in Tanzania. We have programs to capacitate government rangers through education for enhancing skills; supporting surrounding communities both in the conservation areas, buffer zones and in the vicinity thereof, to inculcate in them sustained spirit, will and attitude supportive to the conservation agenda, and to organize intelligence sections.

-Implementation of these programs will see us embarking on training of selected rangers and supporting their onward training of all other rangers across the country, renovating and building of schools in the communities surrounding conservation areas, introducing pro-conservation education in schools within those communities, bringing in state of the art equipment such as vehicles and modern surveillance, c​ommunication and tracking gear.

-Currently we are concluding negotiations with companies that need our anti-poaching programs in the game reserves. We are also engaging institutions who have indicated willingness to fund our activities as per our strategic plan and we hope to kick start our programs as soon as possible. It is noteworthy that we have had a meeting with Singita GRUMETI and we are working on a collaboration structure. We have been invited by Africab company to assess conservation model of their game reserve and are preparing for them a detailed report showing what it takes to guarantee a sustained anti- poaching campaign. In the meantime we have been asked by them if we can form a partnership with them.

-The areas a foundation we are interested in at the moment include Ruhaha and Selous National Parks and the game reserves but of course we are open to your advice regarding our strategic choices and direction, in total collaboration and respect of institution of Tanzania governament We appreciate every contribution to support our projects, we need vehicles, equipment, drones, tracking system, gps radio, etc…. .

The APCA, foundation we live on donations we would be happy if you can support us for our project and it will be our care to give you every detail of the expenses that we will go to make for the foundations with the money donated.

Sincerely yours,


President (APCA)Anti- Poaching Conservation Academy

Dar es Salam

March 8, 2022

Alla cortese attenzione Dott, EMANUEL TUA

Illustrissimo , Onorabile Membro della APCA Foundation, con la presente, come Presidente a vita della Anti Poching Conversation Academy Foundation , la volevo ringraziare con deferenza per il lavoro e l’impegno che sta svolgendo per la fondazione che rappresento oltre il reale impegno morale e finanziario che sta portando avanti nel progetto che la riguarda da vicino essendo stato all’inizio di questa esperienza formidabile punto di riferimento e consigliere per la realizzazione e fondazione della APCA, “Nel mio linguaggio significa fratelli in battaglia”

Colgo l’occasione per chiederle di continuare, insieme questo splendido percorso con il piacere e la stima di poter averla al mio fianco per lungo tempo essendo oltre, che onorabile membro della fondazione il fautore della riuscita del progetto

Con deferenza

Gabriele PETRONE

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